FREE Downy Unstopables (right now)

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Head over to Facebook right now and grab this offer from Downy, it’s live! They are giving away 500,000 samples of the new Downy Unstopables. This is great, looks like we’ll all get a sample today! Allow 4-6 weeks for your sample to arrive.

Thanks Tracy!


  1. Brenda Rabe Poncia Gavia via Facebook 9am, June 30

    got it, freebies

  2. Eryca Leevan O'Brien via Facebook 10am, June 30

    It’s still available, I just got mine about 5 minutes ago!

  3. Karen Timberlake via Facebook 11am, June 30

    Downy website says, sorry we’re out this went fast…

  4. Jim Couk via Facebook 12pm, June 30

    Got mine. BOOYAH!

  5. Regina Artiaga via Facebook 1pm, June 30

    I just got mine! Maybe try again Karen?

  6. Karen Timberlake via Facebook 5pm, June 30

    Just got one:) Thanks Regina

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