My Safeway shopping $9.48!


My Safeway bill this week was $9.48. I was able to stock up on a 5 cans of veggies, (I don’t normally use canned veggies but I like to have them on hand) 4 cans of Pillsbury biscuits, 2lbs of potatoes, 1.5lbs of organic bananas, mustard, apple juice, (that I didn’t have a coupon for!) 24 pack Charmin tissue, and a jumbo pack of Bounty paper towels. (TP/Paper towels not pictured)

Total before coupons and rewards: $47.51
Club card savings: $14.68
Coupon savings: $13.35
Catalina coupon from previous purchase $10.00
Final: $9.48, 79% savings!

Plus, I got another $10.00 catalina coupon good for my next purchase thanks to the TP/Paper towel deal!  With the catalina coupon, this purchase was a money maker! How did you do this week?

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