Are you a brand snob?

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Just because you like a specific brand doesn’t make you a brand snob. However, have you tried other makers to see if your brand is really the best? Colin over at Hip2Save challenged us to a taste test of our favorite brands. I picked three items that we buy on a regular basis to see how they stand up against store brands. How does your brand stand up? You might be surprised!

We did this video a couple weeks ago. Since then I was able to get Honey Nut Cherrios for as low as $0.69 for a 17 oz. box. This is a great deal. So if you have an in-ad coupon, club card, and manufacturer coupons you can get the name brand for a lot less. This week, you can still get HNC for as low as $1.38. This price is still lower than the store brand.

One thing you should note. In San Francisco, our prices are a lot higher than most stores not surrounded by a bunch of water. So when I tell you the prices, this is what I paid at my Safeway store. Also, we were not paid to endorse any of these products. This is our own personal opinion.


  1. Jennifer Fisher 4pm, October 13

    Hi Cam! Love your video…liked the fast forward of the taste test! Great job. Jenn Bower-Fisher

  2. Julia @ The Frugal Find 6pm, October 13

    I’m a total snob :) Brand snob that is, but thankfully I can get those items close to free with coupons. LOVED your video, not so sure your hubby was loving it…

    Hi Mr. Frugal Day!

  3. Cam 9pm, October 13

    I know, I still buy named brands because you can get some really great deals. You can’t beat $0.40 for a box of Cheerios! But, the Safeway mayo was so much better! ;)

  4. Yvonne 9pm, October 13

    hehe this is an awesome video! I might have to think twice the next time I buy mayo!

  5. Diana Warren 3pm, October 14

    Loved the video Cam…was totally surprised by the Best Foods taste test…I’ve been a Best Foods fan since I was a kid. I will definitely give the store brand a chance next time I nee mayo.

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