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When we decided to move to the city, we knew money was going to be tight. It’s always hard to find legitimate ways to make money from home. I’ve heard about a ton of opportunities that ended up being scams. Not only that, a huge waste of time. One of my blogger friends told me about Toluna. They are a third party that collect information via surveys and product reviews. I’ve been doing it now for several months.

I have two things to say about Toluna. Some of the surveys can be very long. You can pick and choose what surveys you want. I only do surveys with high point values. These tend to be the longer ones. Wait until the kids go to bed and have fun with the surveys. You should also use an alternate email since you will be getting surveys several times a day. Some of the great surveys go quickly. So if you see high value survey, grab it!

This opportunity will not make you a ton of money. Maybe enough for your latte fund. However, it’s great to know there is a little something extra coming in. Sign up for Toluna and give it a try.  Let me know how it works for you.

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  1. linda s 12pm, May 6

    this is really great info! it’s nice to learn about ways to pay for our caffeine addictions and also to know that the company is legit! thanks cam!

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