Kidkraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator $145 shipped

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Some of you may be wondering how this is a “frugal” deal. Well, hear me out. I told you about theĀ Kidkraft kitchen set when we bought it for our daughter last Christmas. She has used it almost every day since. When we have playdates, all the kids are cooking up something. It’s made gift buying very easy. We just add to her kichen buy buying little things here and there. Mostly the Melissa and Doug food itemsĀ that go on sale on Amazon. It’s really sturdy and excellent quality. That’s what makes this a “frugal” deal in my opinion. We may have paid a little more up front but it’s still in perfect condition.

If you are looking for a kitchen for your child the Kidkraft is the perfect one. They also have another Retro version in red! I’m telling you about this deal now because they will sell out, they did last year. Or, you’ll continue to see the price go up. Plus, if you order now you can get free shipping and it will be here in time for Christmas.

**This is not a product review nor did Kidkraft as me to promote their item in any way. This is my own opinion.**

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