Disney: Personalize Fleece Throws $12

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Our daughter loves Mickey Mouse, actually she loves Minnie Mouse. The only way we could get her to put on her Halloween costume this year was by telling her Minnie was a Witch this year too. (See episode Mickey’s Treat) That seemed to work. Now you can get a really cute fleece throw blanket, personalized, for only $12. Check it out at the Disney Store. Free shipping and personalization with code FLEECE at checkout!


  1. Jessica 9am, November 19

    Is there a special promo code to type in for the personalization? When I personalized it, it charged me $3.95 or something like that. Thanks!

  2. Cam 9am, November 19

    Oh sorry Jessica! Type in FLEECE! It will cut out the free for the personalization and the shipping. We get charged $1.05 for shipping!

  3. Jessica 1pm, November 19

    Thanks Cam! Just bought a blanket for my Belle obsessed niece!

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