Black Friday price comparison: MP3 players

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This is usually the best time of year to buy a MP3 Player. There are some great deals but be careful. You don’t want to get caught up in the “gift card promotions” if you won’t use the gift card.

So, if you want the lowest price, don’t factor in a store gift card UNLESS you know you are going to use it.

Here are the best deals (so far) on MP3 Players and iPods. I’m sure we are going to see a few price changes throughout the week over at and and I will try to keep you updated!

MP3 Players

Kohl’s: 4GB MP3 Music & Video Player $12.99 (after MIR)
Walmart: Philips 4GB MP3 Player $19.88
BigLots: Emerson 4GB Touch MP3 Player $19.88
CVS: Craig 4GB MP3 Plus Video Player  $23.88
Best Buy: Clip Zip 4GB MP3 Player $29.99
Radio Shack: 4GB Sansa ClipZip MP3 Player $34.99
Toys R Us: Coby 8GB Touch MP3 Player (Black) $39.99 Click here for all price compare on all MP3 Players

iPod Nano 8GB

Best Buy: Apple iPod Nano 8 MP3 Player (Graphite) $124.99 w/$15 Gift Card $109.99
Target: Apple iPod Nano 8GB MP3 Player $129 w/$15 Gift Card $114 Apple iPod nano 8 GB Graphite $122.35 plus $2 in MP3 downloads
Radio Shack: Apple 8GB iPod Nano (Graphite) w/$30 Gift Card $129.99

iPod Touch 8GB

Best Buy: Apple iPod Touch 8GB $194.99 w/$50 Gift Card $144.99
Target: Apple iPod Touch 8GB MP3 Player $195 w/$40 Target Gift Card $149.99
Walmart: 8GB iPod Touch $195
Toys R Us: Apple iPod Touch 8GB – White $199.99 w/$50 Gift Card $149.99
Radio Shack: iPod Touch 8GB $199.99 w/$30 Gift Card $169.99 Apple iPod touch 8GB $189.99 plus $2 in MP3 downloads

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