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When I got married, my husband told me that my Uggs couldn’t come with the marriage. He said they are “ugly” and hated them. I’m on my third pair and he has had two since then. I LOVE Ugg boots and feel like they are an investment, not a random purchase.

6PM.COM has Ugg boots on sale at 36% off. There are several styles to choose from. They have the Classic Short Boot which retails for over $200, for as low as $99. This is the lowest price I have ever seen!

Head over to 6PM.COM and search for Uggs in the search box. You’ll get all the top deals on Uggs!


  1. Frugal Day via Facebook 9am, November 5

    I should also say, 6PM has many “like” Ugg boots too at a great price. When you search for the Uggs, they will give you other suggestions too! I LOVE 6PM.com!

  2. Frugal Day via Facebook 9am, November 5

    You’ll find the other suggestions when you click on one specific style, the other suggestions are on the right side!

  3. Colleen Riggs-Weyrens 9am, November 5

    lmao… my husband HATES my uggs with a passion. they’re so wonderful though… I’ve had mine for 3 years now and wear them 24/7, definitely worth the $

  4. Cam 9am, November 5

    I agree! My husband was so sad when they stopped making “his” type of work shoes. I can only laugh!

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