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Over the last few months, the time I’ve had available to spend at a computer has been steadily decreasing. I needed some minor dental surgery, my daughter started a new preschool, and summer in general is pulling me in many directions. So I’ve had very little time to invest all the effort that Frugal Day takes on a weekly basis. Despite not having much time to do match-ups and find more deals, I’ve had a lot of time to think. I realized that I’m really missing my daughter now that she’s in school. She’s only going to be this age once, and she’ll be in school full-time before I know it. The last thing I want to do is a coupon match-up when I can be playing with her instead.

Rather than continue full steam with Frugal Day, I’m trying something new, and at a different pace. I started a new blog about parenting and life, mixed with an occasional smart shopping deal over at NoThankYouPlease. This site gives me the freedom to write about all the fun and challenging things going on in my life, without needing to focus so much on coupons and frugal shopping. It’s the perfect balance for me now.

What does that mean for Frugal Day? It means you’ll likely notice a few changes here. Starting immediately, I’ll no longer be posting store match-ups. They take too much of my time, and to be honest, I don’t enjoy doing them. However, if there is a great deal going on, I’ll make sure to flag it here. After all, I’m still a very frugal shopper!

I’ll still be posting deals and hosting giveaways here on Frugal Day, with one of the best giveaways yet coming very soon! I’m also attending BlogHer in less than a month in San Diego. I’m really excited about BlogHer because I’ve always wanted to attend in past years. I’m looking forward to learning some helpful tips and tricks, along with uncovering new ways of thinking about what I do. After BlogHer, I’ll know more about where I might want to take Frugal Day. Until then, you can follow my other Twitter account, @cambowman, for updates and more of my personal view and thinking.


  1. Regina Artiaga via Facebook 11pm, July 12

    Wishing you the best in whatever you end up doing! The computer really can be a time stealer, it’s so crazy

  2. Frugal Day via Facebook 6am, July 13

    Thank you Regina!

  3. Julia @ The Frugal Find 8am, July 13

    Oh Cam, I can hear your heart in this post. Your family is your most important ministry at this time, I’m so proud of you for making them first. So glad to call you friend :)

  4. Linda 2pm, July 27

    Wishing you and your family the best! Meanwhile, can you refer me to another site that does Foods Co. match-ups? You seem to be the only one providing the match-ups for this store on all the sites I’ve seen. I’ve been able to find something for every store I shop other than Foods Co. HELP!! :-) Thanks again for all you do and good luck!

  5. Cam 4pm, July 29

    Ugh Linda! I don’t know of anyone else. The only other blogger I can think of is thesassysaver.com. She was doing it for a while but it was hit and miss. I’m so sorry!

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