A word about “Black Friday” deals

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I’ve already told you I’m not a fan of “Black Friday.” I’ve seen a few deals come by and dread the thought of posting them. I don’t want to encourage anyone to run out for one specific item. However, I know a lot of you will be doing just that. And that’s perfectly fine too. For some of you, you’ll make a really great day out of it. Like my friend Yvonne who will be driving to the Outlet Mall at 12:01am!

In other words, just because I post a great deal doesn’t mean you have to run out and get it. It just means check your Christmas list. Is that item on it? Great, lets grab that item at a great price since it’s already on my list!

Have fun everyone! For those of you who will be out on “Black Friday” I’ll be thinking about you while I’m sleeping! But I do hope you get everything you’re looking for and I would love to hear about those great deals!


  1. Cami Bowman 10am, November 21

    Or do what I’ve done the last couple years….buy what you want online. Plus I use ebates and get $$$ back…all without showering! I didn’t have trouble getting anything last year while people in the stores did.

  2. Cam 12pm, November 21

    Yep I agree! Ebates is awesome. Plus, you won’t end up buying stuff you don’t really need!

  3. noel 7pm, November 30

    I agree..Black Friday is not for the truly frugal shopper. Lots of fluff and not much else. This is kind of shopping is for amateurs.

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