Super Quick Giveaway! A $50 Remote Control Helicopter from Gadget Gear


I’m sure someone would LOVE to have this…besides my husband. Seriously, he’s already told me he’s entering to win.

Here’s what you are going to win:

This remote-control helicopter flies up, down, backward, forward, clockwise, and counterclockwise. Use the infrared controller to master amazing stunts. A durable metal structure and working light create a realistic design. FUN, FUN, FUN!

You don’t even have to do anything to get it. Just leave a comment below and tell me you want it! I’ll close the comments at 9:00pm PST tonight and post the winners immediately!

Please use a valid email address, this is how I will contact the winner. Giveaway will end at 9:00pm PT on Wednesday November 23rd. ONE winners will be chosen randomly using “And the Winner Is:” a WordPress plug in. Good Luck! Open to US residence only.


  1. Kimberly McCullers 3pm, November 23

    OK, I want this (to give as a gift)!

  2. Leslie 3pm, November 23

    My kids would love this!

  3. Nikki 3pm, November 23

    It would make a great Christmas present for my husband!

  4. Judie 3pm, November 23

    Great gift!

  5. carolyn noblet 3pm, November 23

    I’d love to gift this to the son of a special friend – his motor skills have been delayed and I think he is ready for this – what fun it would be to watch little Steven!

  6. andrea rygh 3pm, November 23

    Would love to win…for my son.

  7. Sharon 3pm, November 23

    I want it – my son would absolutely love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. michelle ledford 3pm, November 23

    My 9 year old (and 51 year old) would love it. I want it.

  9. tina 3pm, November 23

    i would love this for my son

  10. Sharon Cline 3pm, November 23

    My 4 boys and Daddy would have such a great time with this!! Thanks for this giveaway!:)

  11. Lisa 4pm, November 23

    Yeah I want it. It would be for my two boys, but I know my husband will be playing with it.

  12. Emily 4pm, November 23

    My husband would love this also! He loves gadgets and electronics!

  13. Shauneen 4pm, November 23

    My husband would also love to have this!

  14. Ashley McLeod 4pm, November 23

    I’d love to have this for myself, though this would make a great gift for my nephew! Cool toy!

  15. Jennifer D 4pm, November 23

    Entered to win!

  16. Bonnie K 4pm, November 23

    I would love this for my husband. He’d have to share. :)

  17. katie 4pm, November 23

    I would like it

  18. Jessica 5pm, November 23

    I want it! More importantly, Eli wants it!!

  19. David Leach 5pm, November 23

    I would love to have one of those to fly around the house on Christmas morning, the kids and I could all take turns. Reminds me of a small plane that I got for Christmas when I was a kid, it had a control string that went out to the plane, my dad and I played with it for hours that Christmas morning.

  20. Becky 5pm, November 23

    This would be great for my husband and the girls would make him share it with them! :o)

  21. Sharon 5pm, November 23

    This will take one thing off my Christmas list for Mr. T

  22. Rick 5pm, November 23

    Pick me, pick me!

  23. upasana biswal 7pm, November 23

    love it:)

  24. Richard Livesay 7pm, November 23

    I have three grandsons who would love this. Please enter me.

  25. roxie 8pm, November 23

    perfect gift!!

  26. Frugal Day via Facebook 5am, November 24

    The winner of our super quick giveaway is Sharon T. Congratulations!

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