Safeway: SimpleNutrition & $25 gift card giveaway (2 winners)


Have you heard about Safeway’s new program SimpleNutrition? I absolutely love this new idea. Basically, Safeway has implemented a new shelving system that offers a hang tag that lists nutrition and ingedient criteria. So now, when you shop, you can look for bright green tags that are easy to read and understand. These items have all been screened to make sure they meet their new criteria. Safeway worked closely with registered dietitians to ensure healthy guidelines were met.

Each SimpleNutrition tag highlights key benefits for that product. So if you want products that are Gluten Free or Low Fat, those items are going to be easy to identify based on the new tag system. If you want to provide more organic choices for your home, now you can simply look for the SimpleNutrition tags marked “Organic.” This new system is also being implemented in the produce section. You’ll see new tags identifing produce that are good sources of Folate, Potassium, or Antioxidants.

Safeway would love Frugal Day readers to check out the new SimpleNutrition tag system in your store. We are giving TWO lucky readers $25 Gift Cards for their next shopping trip. Head over to and check out the SimpleNutrition items. Leave a comment below telling me what tag feature you are looking forward to seeing the most.

Safeway provided Frugal Day with the gift cards for this giveaway. All content in this review is solely my opinion. Please use a valid email address, this is how I will contact the winner. Giveaway will end at 8:00pm PST on Friday, March 4th. Two winners will be chosen randomly using “And the Winner Is…” a WordPress plug in. Good Luck!


  1. Frugal Day via Facebook 8am, February 28

    Another giveaway! Don’t forget to leave your comments on FrugalDay to enter to win!

  2. Mami2jcn 9am, February 28

    I’m looking forward to the Calorie Smart tag.

  3. Gina H. 9am, February 28

    Good Source of Fiber tag.

  4. Julie Kline 10am, February 28

    Also the calorie smart tag

  5. vicki a 10am, February 28

    I agree about the fiber.I am on a fiber kick.

  6. Michele 10am, February 28

    Fiber and Gluten Free tabs.

  7. Jessie C. 11am, February 28

    Sodium Smart and Calorie Smart tags

  8. Kimberly 12pm, February 28

    fiber & gluten free tabs would be helpful

  9. betsy 4pm, February 28

    the sugar free tag has I have 2 children that are diabetic.

  10. Sylvia 4pm, February 28

    I am looking forward to the “low cholesterol” and the “made with whole grain” tags. I really wish though that Safeway would also put out “lactose-free” tags.

  11. Jessica 6pm, February 28

    Looking forward to the Lean Protein and Calorie Smart tags!

  12. Jessica 6pm, February 28

    I’m excited about the Made with Whole Grains tag. Yay Safeway :)

  13. Carrie 7pm, February 28

    Gluten Free…Not getting the tag Natural??

  14. Stephanie R 9pm, February 28

    I am most looking forward to the “Made with Whole Grains” tag. We need more whole grains in our lives!

  15. Kathryn 8am, March 1

    I like the sodium smart!

  16. Shauna Lobre 10am, March 1

    The low fat tag speaks to me today

  17. Jitka 11am, March 1

    I am looking forward to the fiber tags. Thanks!

  18. cindy w 2pm, March 1

    I like the organic and gluten free tags

  19. Cathy 3pm, March 1

    Gluten Free for me!

  20. judie clayton 9am, March 2

    I like Organic!

  21. Lori S 10am, March 2

    I am looking forward to the fiber tag.


  22. sandra 11am, March 2

    i’d like to see the Made with Whole Grains tag most

  23. Kelly D 1pm, March 2

    I am looking forward to the Organic tag.

  24. jess 3pm, March 2

    I’m looking forward to the calorie-smart tag! It’ll make it easy to choose healthier options and give you an idea of how much food is in each serving.

  25. Deanna G. 10am, March 3

    I’m looking forward to seeing the “Calorie Smart” tag feature! :)

  26. Brooke T. 12pm, March 3

    calorie tag! they add up too quickly!

  27. Karen 2pm, March 3

    The Sodium Smart tag will be great – just like sugars, it’s easy to go over the daily recommended allowance – sugars and sodium are in everything!

  28. Geri 10am, March 4

    Made With Whole Grains is the tag I’m looking foward to seeing.

  29. Debbie Levy 11am, March 4

    I’m really looking forward to the Organic tag.

  30. Kate 1pm, March 4


  31. M-B Rose 1pm, March 4

    I’m looking forward to the Good Source of Iron tag.

  32. Karin 1pm, March 4

    the Low Cholesterol tag– because I am starting to realize that it’s something I need to think about at my age!

  33. Lindley A 3pm, March 4

    The “Sugar- Free” tab will be helpful for shopping for my picky kiddos- thanks!

  34. Patricia L 6pm, March 4

    I am looking forward to seeing the Orgnic tag the most! Love Organic foods

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