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I was lucky enough to be selected to host a Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party last week. We had a great time thanks to all the goodies provided by Huggies and House Party. I can say that we are officially done with diapers and it feels great!

If you haven’t signed up to host a House Party yet, I highly recommend it. I’ve done about 4 or 5 now and I always have a blast. We ended up with a few potty dance kits left over and I wanted to share them with you.

Here is what is in each kit:

  • 1 Pull-Ups® Potty Dance instructional mat
  • 1 Coupon book including a Pull-Ups $2.00 off product coupon and savings on other household items
  • 1 Big Kid® Central DVD with potty training tips, activities and the Pull-Ups Potty Dance song and dance video
  • 1 sheet of reward stickers for potty training progress
  • 1 Enjoy the Ride Rewards Point Code
  • 1 Pull-Ups fact sheet
  • 1 Pull-Ups coloring sheet

Here’s how to enter our giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment below telling me your biggest fear about potty training
  2. “Like” Frugal Day on Facebook
  3. Follow @FrugalDay on Twitter

Please use a valid email address, this is how I will contact the winner. Giveaway will end at 8:00pm PST on Monday, March 14th. Four winners will be chosen randomly using “And the Winner Is:” a WordPress plug in. Good Luck!


  1. Moira 6pm, March 9

    that it will go on forever (like it did with my first son)

  2. Kathy Thomas 6pm, March 9

    My biggest fear of potty training for the third time is going through what I experienced two years ago with my oldest son. He was a nightmare potty trainer… He would hide in his room or wake up in the morning and take his poo out of the diaper and rub it on everything including himself, yuck! The days of sanitizing his room were endless! Later after a bit of progress he’d take the diaper off himself and go down the stairs leaving a beautiful trail behind him. Oh my, I really hope my soon to be potty trainer picks this up easy and does not do as his brother did. I’m terrified to begin this process because of past experience!

  3. Gina H. 7pm, March 9

    The accidents, especially when you are out somewhere!

  4. Cheri H. 3pm, March 10

    My son pooped in small potty at age one and a half. He is totally afraid of the potty now. It has been a year now and he will not even sit on any potty. I don’t think he will every get over his fear.

  5. Kim 3pm, March 11

    I am fearing a rebellion that he won’t because he can say no and be in control

  6. Rene Davidson 3pm, March 11

    ugh, where to start…my son is pretty strong willed, so I know and fear the “battles” that are sure to be fierce! Another reason, when do you know for sure your kid is ready? Everyone has different opinions about when, how, who is involved…seems daunting! I also know there’s going to be accidents all the time, which I can handle, but dad is not so great on the poop front as it is. I just know it’s going to be my job to do the dirty clean ups. Nothing like “cleaning up” in a public bathroom.

  7. Kasee 11am, March 14

    accidents in public

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