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Welcome to FrugalDay.com. I am excited to publicly launch and announce a new site to share money-saving offers, coupons, tips, and more. Here, you’ll find the deals you’ve been looking for at the lowest prices I could find. To kick things off, Frugal Day is giving away a $20 Starbucks gift card to one random commenter. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post using the comment form below. Let me know how you found Frugal Day, and what kind of deals and offers you look for.

If you’re interested in more of what you see here so far, come back each week day to see what’s posted. To keep up-to-date, you can also subscribe to Frugal Day’s RSS feed, or sign up to receive Frugal Day daily deals by email. Follow @frugalday on Twitter to get instant updates the moment they post.

Giveaway contest open to U.S. and Canada residents only. One entry per person. Giveaway closes at 11:59pm PST, January 10, 2010 — no comments after that time will be included in the random draw. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on this site on Monday, January 11, 2010.


  1. Roland 7am, January 8

    Wow – very nice site, Cam. I found your site via Facebook.

  2. Melissa Manke 8am, January 8

    Love the new site Cam. I think I will be here often. I am always looking for deals with a family of 7. LOL

    Saw your site through FB.

  3. judie clayton 8am, January 8

    I have already used your new site and you have proved to me it works. Good Job IT’S GREAT . LOL

  4. Jason 8am, January 8

    Nice site, came across it via @Stop

    I’d really like to see deals on food, since I would be buying food anyway, and doesn’t encourage me to spend on anything extra.

    Thanks, and good luck!

  5. Jen Vinson 8am, January 8

    Love the site Cam, great work. I’ll be using it often! I’ve been hearing Dunkin Donuts has good coffee, I’ll use the coupon to try!!

  6. Michael 8am, January 8

    Really pretty site you built here – would love to have that gift card, though I am from Austria, Europe – is it possible to take part anyway?

  7. Shelby 8am, January 8

    Was introduced to you today. My husband follows your husband on Twitter. What an awesome site….love!

  8. Jessica Sollenberger 8am, January 8

    Looks like a great site with awesome finds, my kinda girl! I am always looking for deals. Our husbands know each other and thats how I came across this site :).

  9. Peter 8am, January 8

    Following your hubby on Twitter. Congrats on the launch.

  10. Craig Allen 8am, January 8

    Found this from @WhoIsAndyBarnes’s Tweet. Looking for deals on tech stuff/software/web services. Will be checking back often!

  11. Dan Wilkinson 9am, January 8

    All found you through @stop
    Always on the lookout for a deal! :)

  12. kofai 9am, January 8

    see you via twitter,but it seems that i cannot get your gift card because i am in china now.but i am happy to see you.

  13. Jessica Cheung 9am, January 8

    I have been dying to post about your site. Glad to know it’s public now. So far I’ve ordered candied apples, perfume, and more ^_^. I used to feverishly look for deals just like these back a couple years ago, now this site brings it all the deals I like together.

  14. David Stewart 9am, January 8

    I got to the site from a Tweet by Doug Bowman (@stop). Deals for free coffee are great, anything else is just dandy as well.

  15. Jason 9am, January 8

    Nice site! I love me some Taco Bell. I found your site with HotBot.

  16. Sarah Rees 9am, January 8

    A friend referred me to your website and this is my first visit! I subscribe to about eight different coupon blogs for all the latest deals and coupon posts. What I’m looking for as a frugal shopper is blog posts about holiday and clearance deals, grocery scenarios, but especially ethical deals and codes. I need encouragement and clear direction to “follow the rules” in couponing!

  17. David 9am, January 8

    I found your site through a friend who shared it on Facebook. I love finding a great deal!

  18. Sarah 10am, January 8

    Hey, I found this site through a friend’s tweet. Looks like good stuff!

  19. The Lady Jordan 10am, January 8

    Thank you very much for your beneficial website.

  20. Yvonne 11am, January 8

    Yay congrats on the launch!! Love the freebies:)

  21. Kathy 12pm, January 8


  22. Chrissy 12pm, January 8

    great site. everyone loves freebies and good deals so props to that! congrats on your launch :)

  23. Amy 12pm, January 8

    I found you because you linked up to my list of Whole Deal coupons! Thank you! =)

  24. Jeninlb 12pm, January 8

    Congrats on the new site.

  25. alicec 1pm, January 8

    Congrats Cam! Saw your twitter, more clothing discounts please!

  26. Patricia Sampley Krupnikoff 2pm, January 8

    The website looks great and good luck to you! I am sure many moms will enjoy this. I will send it out to my neighbors. The biggest tip I give anyone is to sign up for Gymboree email offers. I get them all the time and all those beautiful clothes actually end up costing very little. With three kids, I need all the help I can get!
    :) Your Cousin, Patricia

  27. Cheree 2pm, January 8

    Awesome! Nice job Cam!

  28. Heather Garland 2pm, January 8

    Hello Cam! I’m new to your site and already enjoying it! Just signed up to your RSS feeds! Please enter me in this great Starbucks contest, thank you!

  29. FOKXXY 6am, January 9


    I found your site when I was stumbling the web for deals and giveaways! I always look for ways to save on the family budget. I also like ideas on cutting down everday expenses ! Thank you. I would love to be entered.

  30. Alvin 7pm, January 9

    Heard about this from @stop. I like the simplicity and appealing design of the site. Thanks for the effort and I would certainly love to see more great deals for electronics and household items.

  31. Ifeanyi 10pm, January 9

    I would love a StarBucks card, twitter really spreads news quickly to all.

  32. Laura G 12am, January 10

    This is a great site!!

  33. Jon Bukiewicz 10am, January 10

    I love this site – looks great, and I know it will be very helpful to my wife and I. Found this through twitter.com/stop.

  34. Maude 11pm, January 10

    Great site, thanks! Will be checking back regularly.

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