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Lunch Skins are a perfect way to start your quest to go green. These reusable sandwich and snack bags are a great replacement for traditional baggies. These reusable cloth pouches are designed to outlast hundreds of plastic bags. They are durable and dishwasher safe. What I love most, the patterns and colors. Lunch Skins are made from a German fabric certified as food safe in the US and Europe.

Here is your chance to try these cute little bags for free. Enter to win our Lunch Skins giveaway. Simply visit Seven Planet and leave a comment here letting me know which Lunch Skin you like the best.

Lunch Skins were created by and Seven Plant was generous enough to provide Lunch Skins for our Earth Day giveaway. Giveaway ends Midnight April 20, 2010. US residence only.


  1. Marcia 9am, April 20

    The Lunch Skin I like best is the blue polka dot, it is SO cute and would love having one to use daily!!

  2. Michelle 9am, April 20

    These are very interesting. I think any of them would be wonderful to try.

  3. Julie Madlansacay 10am, April 20

    I like the swirls! those are cool!

  4. Kim Smith 10am, April 20

    I personally like all the green graphics, especially the apple. The graphics are really nice. My daughter eats apples every day in her lunch, she’ll love ’em. My heart sinks every time I reach for a plastic baggie.

  5. Judie 11am, April 20

    I really like the green apples. Very cute.

  6. Jennifer 11am, April 20

    The blue polka dot’s are awesome! Blue is my son’s favorite color so I know he would like taking it to school and for snacks in the park. Plastic bags are so wasteful and harmful to the environment!!

  7. Erin 12pm, April 20

    I like the apple ones, very “lunch-y”

  8. Jenny Smith 12pm, April 20

    These are an amazing idea! Love the new look of the seven planet store

  9. Andrea B. 1pm, April 20

    My littles and I could so use these! I like the stripes!

  10. Jen Vinson 2pm, April 20

    I love the animals, they’d be great for boys~not too girly!
    Cute concept!

  11. Jason 5pm, April 20

    Red and Yellow please.

  12. Tiffany Henry 6pm, April 20

    I like the lizard animal print one. ;)

  13. Brad Hall 10pm, April 20

    Very cool and an excellent idea! We like the blue polka dots. The red stripes are neat too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Jan Kennedy 10pm, April 20

    Great item! Love the fruit ones! Thanks a bunch! SO enjoy your info!

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