Giveaway: $20 Williams-Sonoma gift card


What a great way to kick off the week… Frugal Day is having another giveaway involving one of our favorite retailers. Get a $20 gift card to Williams-Sonoma from Frugal Day! To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this entry letting me know how you would spend an extra $20 at Williams-Sonoma?

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The giveaway will end on Saturday, March 20th at 9:00 p.m PDT. At that time, I’ll select a random winner. The winner will be notified via email, so please use a valid e-mail address in the comment form so I can contact you if you’ve won.

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  1. Tamera 7am, March 15

    great giveaway, Cam! sign me up:)

  2. Amy 10am, March 15

    I would buy some much needed Easter decorations!

  3. Sarah 11am, March 15

    Wow, how awesome! I hardly ever go into WS because I just drool over everything and can’t afford it. If I got a $20 gift card I’d look for a latte frother, since I’d love to be able to make my chai latte at home in a thermos and bring a frother along on picnics to create some nice drinks for cheap. Or maybe I’d look for a cutting board, since one of mine just broke in half.

  4. Jennifer 11am, March 15

    I would use it to buy my mom a great mother’s day present (these plates she’s wanted forever and I haven’t been able to afford). She’s the most selfless mom ever!

  5. Jason 4pm, March 15

    some new wooden spoons!

  6. sheridan 4pm, March 15

    Crikey! I’d get that meatball grill basket! I love to BBQ and who doesn’t love meatballs? What a fun combo! Possibly that pepper corer for the jalapenos I need in my jalapeno cornbread! Mmmmm ::drool::

  7. Carolsue 7pm, March 15

    I would get some Dexas Flexi Cutting Boards for $19.99

  8. Amber 8pm, March 15

    Ooh I would like to put the extra $20 toward Easter Birds Nest Wreath or another Easter decoration. So pretty! Thank you :)

  9. Cate 9pm, March 15

    Boring answer, but I would probably use some of it to replace a couple of our glasses, which I seem to keep breaking lately. The rest would by some cool kitchen gadget, I’m sure :) I think I need a donut cutter – doesn’t everyone!

  10. Stacy 10pm, March 15

    I would use it towards a bread machine – my sister has one and loves it!
    grossman_stacy at yahoo dot com

  11. Megan 5am, March 16

    I would use it to purchase some new kitchen towels. Very boring, but theirs are so great!

  12. Kristin 8am, March 16

    I buy some new serving dishes.

  13. Jessie C. 9am, March 16

    I’d like to get Emile Henry Auberge Ruffled Loaf Pan

  14. Cindy Jackson 9am, March 16

    I would buy a bright new apron!!

  15. Suzanna 1pm, March 16

    I would love to buy a garlic press. : )
    suchsimplejoy at gmail dot com

  16. meg 3pm, March 16

    what a great giveaway…i’d put it towards a new saute pan. i’m desperately needing one. thanks for such a great giveway!

  17. Raquel R Sanchez 6pm, March 16

    i’d add to my beautiful baking pantry with all their fancy tidbits!

  18. Jessica Sollenberger 7pm, March 16

    I would buy their Hot Chocolate! and maybe a new can opener

  19. jay 10am, March 17

    I am so excited right now! I would get the traditional fish spatula. My hubby is the cook around here and asked me to keep my out for something like that. I had never heard of it but I think this is exactly what he was asking for.

  20. One Frugal Girl 8pm, March 17

    I’d love to buy some of the pantry items like pasta sauce, maple syrup and sandwich spreads.

  21. Dukester 9am, March 18

    I love’s me some W&S!

  22. Jan Ruble 9am, March 18

    I would give it to my daughter who is about to get married, and LOVES everything in the store. What a fun way to start stocking a new kitchen!

  23. Jennifer 10am, March 18

    I would buy one of those Sprinkles cupcake mixes. I have been wanting to try those….

  24. Bill Day 10am, March 18

    I’d take my five year old daughter and buy something we could use in the kitchen together.

  25. Rose 10am, March 18

    I’d spend it on a much needed necessity, since being laid-off. Thank you.

  26. Kim Smith 11am, March 18

    I desperately need cloth napkins! Something sunny for summer.

  27. Mac Smith 11am, March 18

    My wife would love a fancy bundt cake pan… if I buy her one she can make me a cake!

  28. Jeromy Henry 11am, March 18

    I would buy you a present :) Or maybe i would buy it for D and maybe he would let you use it. You’d have to ask him really nicely

  29. Cam 11am, March 18

    @Jeromy, If I were you, and I won, I think I would give it to my wife! ;o)

  30. Courtney 5pm, March 18

    I would give it to my fav family chef – hubby – to whip up something yummy for his us for easter.

  31. Shelly T. 7pm, March 18

    We were in Williams-Sonoma today! My husband wants a new pepper grinder so that is what we would get.

  32. Lisa R 10pm, March 18

    I would love to get the Giant Donut Cake Pan Set
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  33. Amanda 7am, March 19

    some mini loaf pans would be killer!

  34. Jana 9am, March 19

    oooooh, sign me up! I would love to get some new cooking utensils (wooden spoons maybe), or maybe get something I normally wouldn’t buy, as a treat, like a fun baking pan or something! Or an Ebelskeiver pan! (I don’t remember how to spell it). hahaha!

  35. Audrey Merrill 3pm, March 19

    Pink Grapefruit soap :)

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