“12 Days of Christmas” Giveaways: $50 Visa Gift Card

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For our last “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway, I wanted to give you all a little piece of what you asked for. Our final giveaway is a $50 Visa Gift Card! To give everyone a chance to enter the last giveaway, we will choose our winner on Wednesday night.

Here’s how you can win:

  • Enter a comment: What is the best gift you’ve given or received?
  • Click on the “Add a comment” button at the bottom of the post and submit your comment!

Make sure you use a valid email address so we can reach you! We will select our winner on Wednesday, December 8th at 8:00 pm Pacific using Random.org. One entry per person. You will receive (1) $50 Visa  Gift Cards good to anywhere visa is accepted.


  1. isabelle 8pm, December 6

    As a parent this is an easy one: The best gift I’ve ever received is my beautiful, healthy daughter.
    Thanks for the fun ’12 Days’ – very fun to keep up with!

  2. patty 8pm, December 6

    my beautiful kiddies……there is nothing better than that

  3. Leslie 8pm, December 6

    The best gift I ever received was my 2 children and the joy they bring to my life.

  4. judie clayton 8pm, December 6

    Best gift was to my Parents, pictures of the kids.
    I even enjoy them

  5. Gina H. 9pm, December 6

    My health is the best gift I have ever gotten (had Cancer 6 yrs ago).

  6. Crystal 9pm, December 6

    My sister almost always gets me Amazon gift certificates, which I love because I can use them for almost anything!

  7. Mallory 9pm, December 6

    Best gift was a Teddy Bear from my Grandma when I was 4 yrs. old named “Bobby Bear.” And when she passed away the next year, everytime I slept with “Bobby Bear” he always reminded me of her. I hope to pass him on when I have children.

  8. Angel M 10pm, December 6

    My best gift given was to my husband on father’s day this year, our beautiful daughter. I totally planned it ;)

  9. Dia 10pm, December 6

    Best gift received – an engagement ring
    Best gift given – news of being pregnant

  10. Susan L. 10pm, December 6

    The best gift ever received was my first grandbaby this year. She makes my world go round.

  11. Jessie C. 10pm, December 6

    My family is the best gift I received.

  12. Elaine Ferguson 10pm, December 6

    My best gift was from God my daughter of 24 yrs and now my precious grand baby 18 months!!

  13. shel 10pm, December 6

    The best gift was a gift to our mother from her 5 children and 12 grandchildren. We bought a charm bracelet and each one of us chose a charm to represent us; my son chose a basketball since he likes to play ball, my sister chose a dog since she’s the big dog lover in our family, etc. We also gave her a digital photo frame with pictures of each of us in it.

  14. Rachael Bryant 10pm, December 6

    The best gift I’ve given was sailing lessons for my husband. He’d always wanted to try and I love being able to give experiences!

  15. Kathy Thomas 4am, December 7

    The best gift I have given would be providing a family that was struggling Christmas gifts and a meal. I love giving and helping others!

  16. Amanda B 4am, December 7

    the best gift i ever gave was an anniversary clock to my mom. It was something that she had wanted since she was a kid.
    I remember I saved forever to get it for her (gave it to her when i was only 16) and it is still one of her most treasured items 31 yrs later!

  17. Amanda B 4am, December 7

    The best gift I have ever given was to my mom. She had wanted an anniversary clock since she was a kid and I remember saving up forever to get it for her ( was only 16 at the time). It is still one of her most treasured items some 21 yrs later!

  18. Samantha 5am, December 7

    Best gift ever is finding out we were pregnant two Christmas’ ago and then we just found out a few days ago we’re pregnant again. Merry Christmas to us! Such amazing gifts! :)

  19. nan campbell 5am, December 7

    A Monkee album I desperately wanted when I was 12 from my parents. I lost my dad this year and my mom is very ill so this is a special memory.

  20. Mami2jcn 6am, December 7

    The best gift I’ve ever received are my 3 children.

  21. Sarah 7am, December 7

    My husband is one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever received.

  22. Jessica 8am, December 7

    My two beautiful children :)

  23. Rachel Crisman 8am, December 7

    The best gift I have ever given was a very expensive purse I gave my sister for her birthday! The best I received was a stroller for my son.A super nice stroller
    [email protected]

  24. jessica =] 10am, December 7

    hmm, i’m not sure about ever, but the best present i’m giving my mom this year is this ornament she really wanted and i had to hunt all over ebay for. it’s gonna be worth it when she opens it =]

  25. Patricia Sampley Krupnikoff 12pm, December 7

    I cannot say I am any different from the 23 comments above: my children are the most precious gifts ever given to me. I am guessing I should thank my husband though–he might have something to do with it all! :) Happy holidays to all! Great question to remind us all how thankful we should be!

  26. Callie 12pm, December 7

    Well, I’m not yet a parent, so I’m looking forward to that best gift ever some day. For now, my best gift I ever got was my dog who I got as a puppy 5 years ago.

  27. shami 1pm, December 7

    The best gift i got in this life is my daughter.GOD give me such a wonderful gift a lovely girl.

  28. Dee 1pm, December 7

    a dollhouse for Christmas when I was 7 :)

  29. Michele 1pm, December 7

    My grandparents gave me and my sister matching fuzzy red sweaters when we were around 3-5 years old. I simply loved that fuzzy, cuddly thing and simply wore it out.

  30. Denise Taylor 2pm, December 7

    My children have been the best gifts for me.

  31. Brice 4pm, December 7

    Oh woah, these gifts are getting more and more generous! Tis the season to be merry!

  32. rayana benson 4pm, December 7

    My AWESOME husband! I bought the gift for myself, hope that counts :)

  33. Cami 5pm, December 7

    I thought nothing could beat the gift of my husband but then I “got” 4 amazing boys! God is good!

  34. Deanna G. 7pm, December 7

    My family!

  35. Stephanie R 9pm, December 7

    Best gift I ever received for Christmas was a surprise trip to NY city and an engagement ring during the trip :)

  36. Lise 10am, December 8

    Besides my children, the best gift was when my husband surprised me with a trip to Europe.

  37. Jennifer Williams 10am, December 8

    The best gift I’ve ever received was when I was five years old and got a huge barbie house! :)

  38. Jen Vinson 10am, December 8

    When I was in 7th grade, my parents go me a pair of Eastland shoes (they were all the rage) :) I thought I would die. Wth was I thinking those things were so ugly!!?!!?

  39. Brandon M. 11am, December 8

    Best gift I’ve received was on Father’s day this year. My beautiful daughter was born as my gift.

  40. Ms. Lani Bishop 3pm, December 8

    the joy of xmas lights, from a high building, asked a coworker to come up from the 4th floor to the 6th floor and turned the lights off in the office at 6 am and showed her the lights of vancouver, in 15 years, she has never forgotten that…………..how sweet was that.

  41. Mary W 6pm, December 8

    The best gift I’ve ever received is every Christmas my daughter in California sends me a box of Sees candy, which isn’t available where I live.

  42. Sharon 6pm, December 8

    Best gift ever…motherhood :)

  43. Katie 7pm, December 8

    A pony!

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