“12 Days of Christmas” Giveaways: $50 to Nordstrom Rack

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Here is the tenth giveaway of the “12 Days of Christmas” giveaways! Over the next couple of days we’ll be giving away some really great things for you this holiday season. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for being awesome readers! Here is the tenth giveaway:

  • $50 to Nordstrom Rack

Here’s how you can win:

  • Enter a comment: What is on your holiday wish list?
  • Click on the “Add a comment” button at the bottom of the post and submit your comment!

Make sure you use a valid email address so we can reach you! We will select our winner on Sunday, December 5th at 8:00 pm Pacific using Random.org. One entry per person. You will receive (1) Groupon gift certificate for $50 to Nordstrom Rack.


  1. Jessica 8pm, December 4

    A leather jacket!

  2. Gina H. 9pm, December 4

    My wish is for a job!

  3. Kimberly 9pm, December 4

    Santa, please bring me an iPad.

  4. Christy 10pm, December 4

    A handicap van!

  5. Dia Pintarich 10pm, December 4

    On my holiday wishlist is that family members would all get along

  6. Alicia S 11pm, December 4

    christmas presents for mom

  7. Angel M 11pm, December 4

    I wish that my baby girl knows what the real meaning of christmas is.

  8. Susan 11pm, December 4

    my granddaughter feels loved.

  9. Oralia R 2am, December 5

    A GPS

  10. amanda b 6am, December 5

    A jewelry box

  11. judie clayton 9am, December 5

    Health and to be Happy

  12. Tricia Underwood 11am, December 5

    boot slippers!

  13. Denise Taylor 11am, December 5

    I would love some new comfortable shoes.

  14. Patty 11am, December 5

    Momma needs some new clothes! Definitely time to spend money on me!

  15. Melissa Miller 11am, December 5

    My holiday wish list includes some new boots, but even if I didn’t get them I have the best family ever and we are so grateful!

  16. Dee 11am, December 5

    a new coat ins on my holiday wish list :)

  17. Rachael Bryant 12pm, December 5

    An Ott Light for sewing!!

  18. noel 12pm, December 5

    My wish is that the new non-profit my husband is starting that will train and place the deaf into IT jobs with have a great 2011.
    My other wish that high tech continues to grow and add jobs.
    Merry Christmas and a have a blessed New Year!

  19. Deanna G. 1pm, December 5

    Some perfume! :)

  20. Leslie 1pm, December 5

    My wish is that my kids realize the meaning of family and giving to others.

  21. Christina 1pm, December 5

    a baby brother! but more realistically, a new purse!

  22. Sheila S 2pm, December 5

    a white Christmas!

  23. efie 4pm, December 5

    A pair of boots!!! Its cold out there!

  24. Jessie C. 4pm, December 5

    A pair of new tall boots!

  25. Crystal 4pm, December 5

    the biggest items on my wish list are a dSLR camera or new boots!

  26. SHIRLEY 5pm, December 5

    All I need is some new socks, my feet are cold.

  27. Samantha 5pm, December 5

    A beautiful pair of black boots! Thanks Santa! :)

  28. Kelly 6pm, December 5

    A laptop so I can look for coupons and spend time with my hubby too!

  29. Ashley Brown 7pm, December 5

    A new purse!

  30. Jen Vinson 7pm, December 5

    A new dining room table :)

  31. jess 7pm, December 5

    a spiffy new watch!

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