“12 Days of Christmas” Giveaways: $25 Amazon.com e-Gift Card

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Here is the second of the “12 Days of Christmas” giveaways! Over the next few days we’ll be giving away some really great things for you this holiday season. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for being awesome readers! Here is our second giveaway:

  • $25  Amazon.com e-Gift Card

Here’s how you can win:

  • Enter a comment: Did you find an amazing Black Friday deal or avoid the stores?
  • Click on the “Add a comment” button at the bottom of the post and submit your comment!

Make sure you use a valid email address so we can reach you! We will select our winner on Saturday, November 27 at 9:00 pm Pacific using Random.org. One entry per person. You will receive (5) $5 Amazon e-gift card codes for the sum of $25 via email.


  1. Shannon F 11pm, November 26

    I didn’t spend a lot of time at the store, but I did get some Blu Ray movies for $5.

  2. Claudia N 3am, November 27

    I did avoid the stores on black friday.

  3. amanda b 3am, November 27

    I avoided the stores and just did family time instead!

  4. Angela Cato 6am, November 27

    I completely avoided the stores. Black Friday tends to make me overspend and besides I enjoy shopping online more!

  5. SHIRLEY 7am, November 27

    I went, I spent, my daughter did her shopping, I paid, I picked up a half priced game, and one of the $200 tv for someone else.
    [email protected]

  6. Callie 7am, November 27

    I avoided the stores—but did a bit of online shopping and finished the in-laws.

  7. meeyeehere aka rachel crisman 7am, November 27

    I went shopping and wast greatly disappointed!I did not find the deals I had hoped to find.Came out with only a set of candles from walmart which were not on sale by much at all.
    [email protected]

  8. Tracie Trump 7am, November 27

    I did all my shopping online! [email protected]

  9. Duane Cooper 7am, November 27

    I went to Best Buy for a laptop for my girlfriend! [email protected]

  10. Kathy Thomas 7am, November 27

    I got an awesome deals at Kohls, I had bought bought gifts for a family we have adopted for Christmas last week and decided to see if I could get some Kohls cash with my receipt. I was the first person at 3am in the customer service line with some black friday deals that were about $80 in hand and my receipts that totaled $328. I got my new merchandise and my Kohls cash for a new total of $308! Now I have $50 to go spend on what ever I want. My receipt said I saved over $600, it was well worth putting money back on my Kohls card, getting more items and getting more cash to spend later! I love amazing deals!

  11. Jessica C. 8am, November 27

    I avoided the crowds this year, there wasn’t anything I just had to have.

  12. Amanda W 9am, November 27

    I avoided the stores and shopped online.

  13. Luke 9am, November 27

    I found amazing Black Friday Deals online, and avoided the stores! I found a set of Gigaware Desktop Speakers on RadioShack.com for $9.97 (normally $30).

  14. judie clayton 10am, November 27

    I avoided the stores, breakfast in SF and Crate&Barrel.

  15. Dia Pintarich 10am, November 27

    I avoided the stores and did some an online shopping : )

  16. Michele 12pm, November 27

    At Bath & Body Works I was able to get a free product worth up to $13 for making a purchase of only $10. I thought that was pretty sweet. BTW – the most amazing thing I saw on BF were the amount of workers at Target. Everywhere there were red shirts, which meant employees! I was very impressed by the amount of available help. Thanks, Target!

  17. Tracy Robertson 1pm, November 27

    I avoided the stores!

  18. Sharon 1pm, November 27

    I didn’t shop on Black Friday.

  19. Kimberly 2pm, November 27

    My family is sick, cold outside, hate crowds… could have shopped online… watched movies instead. I did go out today (Saturday) and got some stuff 50% off at Michaels…… I checked out and they handed me a $5 gift card. Not much but it was cool to get something I wasn’t expecting. 40% off snow pants at ANY MOUNTAIN… AND they fit my husband, my sick husband.

  20. Mari 4pm, November 27

    I did! I bought seasons 2-5 of The Office for $12.99 each at Target. I had to drive to 3 different targets to find them in stock, but it was well worth it.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  21. Jessie C. 4pm, November 27

    I avoided the stores.

  22. Jen Vinson 4pm, November 27

    I found both! An amazing doll house at Costco, and great deals today on line :)

  23. Elizabeth w 4pm, November 27

    I had 2 sick babies at home! But I did order them some DVD’s for $3!

  24. Sheila S 4pm, November 27

    I got my best deals online on Amazon while waiting in a hour and a half line at Target!

  25. Cami 5pm, November 27

    The best deals I found were at CVS and Walgreens…I got a ton of stocking stuffer (earphones, candy, body spray, etc.) for free!!!!

  26. pixie13 6pm, November 27

    I completely avoid any & every store as much as humanly posible on Black Friday :)

  27. Krista Lawler 6pm, November 27

    I stayed home and decided to wait till Cyber Monday!

  28. Erin McMgregor 6pm, November 27

    Stayed home! 17 and 12 year old kids went out at 6am to Target, though!

  29. Corrie 6pm, November 27

    I found a waffle maker for $10, an 8GB flash drive for $11, a mini-chopper for $3, and some other stuff. I loved it!

  30. Toni 7pm, November 27

    Avoided the stores…shopping with a toddler in busy shops=no fun

  31. Michelle McDonald 7pm, November 27

    No black Friday shopping for me. But I did shop today and there were some deals left over.

  32. Shawna 7pm, November 27

    I did a little bit of shopping at Walgreens, but for the most part, I stayed away! Too crazy for me!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  33. Joshua 7pm, November 27

    We avoided the stores as much as possible. There were a few deals we couldn’t resist though!

  34. John 8pm, November 27

    I avoided the stores, and instead ate myself silly.

  35. Melissa Miller 9pm, November 27

    Stayed away from the crowds, kept up with frugal find and stay at home mommy blogs who posted great online deals. Bought tons of stuff for my kids on disneystore.com It was great!

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