Living Social $30 for $100 to Discount Tires (77 locations in TX)

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deal on tires so I had to share it with you. Head over to Living Social and check out this deal for Discount Tires.

You get $100 worth of tires for only $30! You can use this voucher at any Discount Tires location or online. They have over 800 stores in 23 states. Visit Living Social to read the fine print on this deal!

Update: I got an email from LS today telling me this was a National deal but I’m not so sure. I was told you can order online and pick up at your local location but I’d call ahead first!


  1. Frugal Day via Facebook 8am, October 26

    I was thinking about this deal to see if it’s a “good” deal because my mom needs new tires…If she replaced all 4 tires at $57 each (I selected the mid priced tire for her car) and used the $100 voucher, she’d only pay $39 for each tire. That’s saving $72 for four new tires! Not bad at all!

  2. The Frugal Find via Facebook 8am, October 26

    It is such a good deal! We’ve been entrenched (lol) in tire research the past month as we prepared to buy our first ever set of 4 new snow tires. $100 off is HUGE! Tire deals are far and few between.

  3. Frugal Day via Facebook 9am, October 26

    I emailed LS, please read the update on the post. I’m not so sure it’s a “National” deal!

  4. Jenni 1pm, October 26

    This seems like a great deal, but I’m nervous to purchase it since we’re in California and I don’t want to buy it and not be able to redeem the voucher! What do you think?

  5. Cam 2pm, October 26

    Right, I’m thinking unless you live in TX, don’t buy it!

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