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Sunday is coming up so I wanted to show you how I organize my coupons. I hope you find this video helpful. If you have any time saving tips, please feel free to share them with us!


  1. Melissa 8am, May 20

    Okay, I am so new to this but I have a question, I hope it doesn’t sound dumb…If I have 15 coupons for one item but I am only buying 10 of that item can I use all 15 coupons?

  2. The Frugal Find via Facebook 9am, May 20

    A video on how you organize your video :)

  3. Ginger Lunsford Spahni via Facebook 9am, May 20

    thanks sooo much for the info!!!! I’m new to couponing, you answered a lot of questions I had, thanks!!!

  4. Frugal Day via Facebook 10am, May 20

    Ha! Exactly Julia Wessels! It’s one of those crazy busy weeks. I can only imagine what I’m going to do or say next! LOL

  5. Cam 1pm, May 20

    Hi Ginger, that’s great! Feel free to ask away if you have questions!

  6. Cam 1pm, May 20

    Hi Melissa, You’ll only be able to use 10 coupons. It’s usually (unless a store coupon) one item per coupon.

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