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Cellfire just added some great eCoupons. One of the best coupons is for Starbucks VIA. We’ve actually become huge fans of VIA. At night, we would much rather use the instant Starbucks VIA than brew an entire pot of coffee. This is just one of the great new coupons Cellfire has to offer. If you haven’t loaded your eCoupons, do it now! Don’t forget, Cellfire is giving away $100 grocery gift cards to select readers around the blogosphere and offering surprise money saving coupons at Kroger stores. Sign up for Cellfire today, it’s free.

(Safeway Only)

  • Starbucks VIA® Save $1.
  • Hamburger Helper® Save $.75
  • NV Granola Bars Save $.50
  • BC Fruit Snacks Save $.50
  • Fiber One® Chewy Bar Save $.50
  • Bisquick® Save $.50
  • BC Supreme Brownie Save $.75
  • Trix® Cereal Save $.55
  • Honey Nut Cheerios Save $.55
  • Lucky Charms® cereal Save $.55
  • Chex Mix® or Snacks Save $.50
  • Yoplait® Cups Save $.40
  • Yoplait® Fiber One® Save $1
  • Wheaties Fuel cereal Save $1.00

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