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I am so excited to finally share this with you. We now have our very own Coupon Database. I have wanted to bring this to the site for so long now. I’m glad we finally have it up and running. Here are a few things you need to know about the database:

What is the Coupon Database?

The Coupon Database is a big index of coupons. Basically, the Google of coupons! You can search for a specific item and get all the available coupons. The database tells you where to find the coupon. Whether it be from a coupon insert, eCoupon, printable, magazine or directly from a manufacturer, the database will show you all available coupons with expiration dates.

What this means for you?

Now that you have all the coupons in one spot, you don’t need to go to different sites to get your coupons. Just enter the item you’re looking for in the search field. The available coupons will come up in the search results. If an item has a printable coupon available, you can print directly from the database. Basically, the database is going to save you time and money. It’s free for everyone to use.

Where is the Coupon Database?

The database is located under the Coupon tab on the homepage. Simply click on the tab and it will take you directly to the database.

If you have any questions about the database and how it works, please post a comment below. I would love to know what you think!

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  1. Sheri J. 9pm, June 14

    This is very cool, Cam. It will save me quite a bit of work. Thanks for posting it.

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