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After seeing Good Day Sacramento, several of you wanted to know more about the Scotch Tape deal at Walgreens that Melissa was talking about. Here’s how you can get 3 FREE Scotch Tape dispensers at Walgreens!

Scotch Magic Tape is on sale B1G2 Free
Buy 3 Scotch Tape $1.99 with In-Ad Coupon (limit 3)
Use: (2) $1/1 Scotch Magic Tape Printable coupons
Final price:  3 for FREE after coupons



  1. Frugal Day via Facebook 5pm, May 18

    Here’s the deal Melissa was talking about today!

  2. Jimmy 6pm, May 18

    The printable coupon says one coupon peer purchase. How can you use 2 coupons for purchasing 3 rolls at one time?

  3. Cam 6pm, May 18

    Hi Jimmy, you will need to print 2 coupons. When it says 1 per purchase it’s talking about how many items you can use per coupon. So you’ll be buying 2 tape dispensers so you’ll need 2 coupons. The Walgreens coupon allows more than 1 per purchase so you only need 1 Walgreens coupon which can be found in this weeks ad.

  4. Jimmy 6pm, May 18

    Cam, appreciate your help. My wife and I are new the the coupon craze, and are thrilled to finally have some help as to the “how to” , not just the “look what I did” we see on TV.

  5. Audra 7pm, May 18

    Hello :) I have not located this $1 off coupon on the link you have provided. Am I missing something?

  6. Cam 8pm, May 18

    Hi there, When you click on the link it will take you to Scotch Brands site. In the upper right hand corner there is a “Get Valuable Coupons” link. Sign up and a set of coupons will be sent to your email address almost instantly.

  7. Audra 8pm, May 18

    Ah ha! Thank you so much :)

  8. tina 9am, May 19

    It worked!!!!!!

  9. Cam 12pm, May 19

    I’m so glad Tina! Hoping I can make it today!

  10. Audra 3pm, May 19

    It worked for me as well! The store ran out of individual tape rolls, so they substituted a 3 pack, so I would not have to drive to another Walgreens. When it was time to check out & it came time to use the coupons, I had to get manager approval. As they chose to substitute the 3 pack as they were out of individual rolls, the manufacturer coupon didnt apply. It is specifically for $1 off of 1 roll. Once I plead my case that they made the change to accomodate me (very graciously), it was not my fault the coupon would now not apply, and my intention was to also apply the coupons. A little more work than I intended, but it all worked out in the end. Thank you so much.

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