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I’ve been struggling with what to say about the new Extreme Couponing Series on TLC. I was excited when I first heard about this show. I thought, “Wow, this is really going to help people learn to shop smartly.” But after seeing the first run of shows, I’ve changed my mind. I believe this show is going to make it difficult for those of us who use coupons on a regular basis. It’s hard enough when you have a small stack of coupons and a line of other anxious customers behind you. I regularly get looks by fellow shoppers wondering how many coupons I plan on making the cashier scan. Imagine what it will be like if this show gets lots of viewership, and people start think you’re nuts if you hand over any amount of coupons, or have multiples of a few items.

I don’t like the name of the show. The term “extreme” means you are doing something excessive or farthest from ordinary. And that’s what this show highlights. It doesn’t seem to be for educational value – it seems to be for entertainment value. Going to the extreme can lead to serious consequences. I am not an “extreme” couponer, I’m just a smart shopper.

Saving money on your grocery bill shouldn’t result in 5,000 rolls of toilet paper in your garage. Creating a managable stockpile is my goal. I set a “rule of five” for our home. We don’t need more than five of any one item. If we get past five, then we start filling our donations box.

If you found my site because you’re looking for ways to save, WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here. I want to show readers the reality of couponing and provide you with healthy ways to save. I have a Frugal Living series that will help you do just that. We’ve managed to cut our grocery bill dramatically without any extreme measures. If you want to create a healthy budget for your family and start saving, please read this Living Frugal series.


  1. Sharon Henninger via Facebook 7pm, April 6

    i agree 105%

  2. Suzanne with Laughing Wallet 9am, April 7

    You’re absolutely right – this show is about entertainment and showing something outside the norm, not about learning to use coupons in a reasonable way. Any time “extreme” is in the name, there’s a good bet it’s not going to be something most of us will want to do!

    I do use coupons, and I hope the show won’t cause viewers to panic when I hand mine over to the cashier, because I definitely don’t go to the extreme. But they do make a difference that’s worth the effort of clipping and using them to me. I usually save somewhere in the range of 10-20 percent on my grocery bill, and that really adds up!

  3. Dana 10am, April 7

    I could not agree more! A local coupon lady, “CostCutters”, coupons to a negative extreme- she has even lined her back porch with Fuze drinks because she has no more room in her house for them. It’s good to know someone else who takes couponing seriously like I do finds extremes to be, well, EXTREME!

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