Coupon Alert: $1/1 Dove+Men or Degree Deodorant

Head over to and grab this great printable $1/1 Dove+Men or Degree deodorant coupon. You can stack this coupon with the Target printable coupon available, getting $2 off! This could mean for FREE deodorant depending on your local Target price.

You should print both of these coupons before they reach their limit. They tend to go very quickly! If you don’t see this coupon in your zip code, it likely reached the print limit for that region. So try another zip code far away.


  1. Bonnie 8am, May 22

    Can’t find it, is there a certain zip code? Thanks!

  2. Cam 8am, May 22

    Bonnie, You can use zip code 94127 to find the coupon.

  3. Darla 10am, May 22

    I entered 94127 and only saw Mitchum

  4. Trina 11am, May 22

    I see it listed under 60021, but when I try to print it nothing prints out on Please help ?? Is offline right now or something??

  5. Cam 12pm, May 22

    For those of you still looking for the Dove/Degree coupon, it looks like some of the regional print limits have already been reached, so it may not show up in your home zip code. Try another zip code far away from you. And look through several pages – it’s not always on the first page of coupons.

  6. Cam 8pm, May 22

    Hi Trina, Make sure you approve the install when printing. It’s one time so if you are new to them you have to do this before it will allow you to print. Hope that helps.

  7. Cam 8pm, May 22

    Hi Darla, Enter 48084, they still have it available.

  8. Cam 7am, May 23

    Trina, was down yesterday, it’s up and working fine today!

  9. Cheryl 1pm, May 23

    Thanks for the head’s up! Unfortunately, my Target wants 3.99 per stick, so it didn’t work for me. :(

  10. Cam 3pm, May 23

    Hold onto it. I’ve seen it as low as $1.99 at the drugstores. With their rewards programs you can usually get it free.

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