Free Tide Stain Release Sample (12pm PST)

Head over to Facebook and “Like” Tide. Tide will be giving away free Tide Stain Release samples on today, July 22nd at 12pm PST. As you all know by now, you have to be super quick to get a sample. They go very quickly so make sure you are ready right at 12pm!


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Tide Stain Release Freebie (Live on FB)

If you haven’t already registered for a free sample of Tide Stain Release tablets, they’re giving away 20,000 samples right now! Click here over to Tide to get yours, while supplies last!

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Free sample Tide Stain Release 6pm PST (Tonight 4/4)

Since the Tide Facebook offer was a technical nightmare last week, Tide has decided to try it again tonight. They’ve also upped the amount of freebies they are giving away, that’s great for us!

Here’s the deal:

The Tide Challenge is tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT. If you’re one of the first 150,000 people to register for the Tide Stain Release Challenge, you’ll be able to reserve a free sample for yourself and three of your friends. Make sure you “Like” Tide on Facebook to get this freebie.

These samples can go fast and tide thought it might be fun for you to share with your friends! Remember, I’m your friend too! :)


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FREE Tide Stain Release 12 pm PST (First 5000)

Today at 12pm PST Tide is giving away 5000 FULL SIZE bottles of Tide Stain Release. Head over to Facebook and “Like” Tide, then make sure you are super fast because these are going to go quickly!

While you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to “Like” Frugal Day too!

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TIDE Giveaway for FIRST 5,000 ONLY! (11:00 am PST)

Head over to Tide’s Facebook page at 11:00 am today for a chance to get one of 5,000 Tide Washing Machine Cleaner packets. I’ve tried for this one before and I’m going to *try* again! Since they are only offering 5,000 this is going to go faster than fast so you really have to be quick.

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