Living Frugal: Track spending with Mint.com

I wanted to re-post this because the holidays are hear and we are all doing our best to stay on budget. Mint might just be the best Holiday gift there is!

My husband is the one who tracks our finances. He tries to keep me in the loop of what we’re bringing in, and what we’re spending. Especially since I’m the one who spends most of the money on groceries and household shopping. I’ve written about how moving back to San Francisco affected our lifestyle. We still get to do all the things we like, but some expenses are steeper here. continued

Living Frugal with Food: Part I (budget)

When looking at our spending on food as a whole, I couldn’t believe how much we were spending. Especially since we’re a small family. I couldn’t believe how much money we were wasting on food! Each week, I was throwing away food and money. Not only was it wasteful, but irresponsible. This was the first area I tackled when trying to save money but I didn’t even know where to begin. continued

Living Frugal series

I’ve been thinking of ways to save money for a long time. Especially because I wanted to be able to stay home with our daughter. The cost of living in California can be tough on single-income families. So I try to get ahead of our budget before our budget gets ahead of us. I want to share some of the ways we cut costs without feeling much of the effects. continued

About Frugal Day

Frugal Day is a place to share the ideas, coupons, and deals that make it easy to live and shop responsibly. I love to save, and I believe that …

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