About Frugal Day

Frugal Day is a place to share the ideas, coupons, and deals that make it easy to live and shop responsibly. I love to save, and I believe that saving wherever I can frees us to enjoy life more comfortably. Like many others who write savings blogs, my husband and I have been trying to save money and keep our debt low, all within the budget of a single-income family. I contribute by shopping responsibly, and keeping an eye out for deals, coupons, and offers that reduce our spending and save us money.

My name is Cam. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a beautiful little girl, a wonderful husband, and an ill-behaved dog. My family occupies a lot of my time, but I try to set aside a few moments each day to keep this site updated.

We live in San Francisco and have been fortunate to live a good life so far. I don’t necessarily believe in being stingy or stock-piling cash in the basement. But I constantly see more and more benefit of saving money where it’s practical and easy to save. I like to share what I find and pass along what I’ve learned over the years.

As I was growing up, I watched my mom as she always sought the next deal or the most economical purchase. She made every dollar stretch as far as it would go. She showed me how to save, how to conserve and be frugal with the resources we had. More and more, I’m appreciating the benefits of coupons and finding things for free.

Have a tip on a great deal, or a question about this site? Contact me.

Web hosting

FrugalDay.com is hosted by DreamHost – a web hosting service that my husband has used for years now. If you’re in need of a hosting service for your web site, I recommend Dreamhost, especially if you want to run your site with WordPress. (Dreamhost has a one-click install for WordPress.) You get unlimited bandwidth, storage, databases, etc., all for as low as $8.95/month. If you sign up, use promo code FRUGALDAY to get $50 off a new web hosting account.

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